When it comes to the top F1 teams, one can say that over the past decade there haven’t been any grand surprises when it comes to those teams who end up on the list. The differences among the top 5 are slight but big enough for someone to end up being the first and others to be left behind. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at top F1 teams that are likely to show their dominance on the race tracks once again.

Red Bull

Red Bull always has an excellent performance in every F1 season. Their latest car seems more reliable and stable than the model 2020 RB16. With so many successful races in the past and the latest showing the team has everything under control, Red Bull is certainly at the top of the F1 list.


The Mercedes team is one of the most unpredictable ones on the list. Even when they perform badly for their own standards, they still manage to be quite good.

According to the latest data, the Mercedes team seems to be the fastest in the long-run pace, and it’s only second best to Red Bull on short-run pace.

Even though there are some issues that the team is dealing with, once they sort them out, they could very well be in the first place.


Featuring the latest Mercedes engine, combined with Daniel Ricciardo, the new driver at the McLaren team, the future seems to be brighter than ever. The McLaren team has just 100 laps less than Alfa Romeo, but this team seems to be running only the number of laps that they consider to be necessary. With good results on both short and long-run pace, this team seems to be ready to improve their ranking in the new season. 


Even though the Anglo-French team hasn’t made it to the first place they have been showing a consistent pace, meaning that they don’t lack the stability and persistence which is needed to make it to the top. Most of the tests that they are conducting revolve around timesheets.

The most interesting thing about this team is that they are reaching the headlines due to their massive airbox. Their performance in both long and short-run pace is pretty much the same, however, they need to step up their game if they wish to climb up the ladder for the upcoming season. 


Ferrari’s success in 2019, was greatly diminished by their 2020 season. The upcoming season also doesn’t look promising after the first tests have been made. However, Ferrari remains one of the best teams in F1, and naturally, great deeds are expected from those who are at the top.